I desire to have a ratio calculated each time I create a new route.

To get this ratio, I created and populated a field that multiplied the length of each segment by a designated number from 1-5, where 1 was most desirable, we'll call this [FieldValue]. Theoretically, when divided by the length, this would produce a value that, the closer to 1 would indicate a more desirable route.

In the field evaluator value dialogue box, I was able to divide my calculated value by the length of the segment ([FieldValue]/[Length]). I was hoping that they would sum each field first and then divide the two values at the end.

However, when I ran the route analysis, the values were dividing each row, and summing all of the individually divided values at the end.

I would like each field, [FieldValue] and [Length] to sum first, then divide the two summed fields to produce the ratio. It would appear that I can do this with a VB script or Prelogic within the network analyst evaluator value field, but I lack the programming skills to do so.

What would be the best route to take in order to have them calculate in my desired order?

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