I am trying to run mosaicking using the script below:

saga_cmd grid_tools "Mosaicking" -TARGET_DEFINITION 0 -GRIDS "/media/geodev/Data2/test_data2/2019-06/2019-06-19/Flight_Plan_B_2/clip/IMG_0036_3_gcp.sdat;/media/geodev/Data2/test_data2/2019-06/2019-06-19/Flight_Plan_B_2/clip/IMG_0045_3_gcp.sdat;/media/geodev/Data2/test_data2/2019-06/2019-06-19/Flight_Plan_B_2/clip/IMG_0047_3_gcp.sdat" -NAME "Mosaic" -TYPE 8 -RESAMPLING 0 -OVERLAP 0 -BLEND_DIST 1.0 -MATCH 0 -TARGET_USER_SIZE 0.111078 -TARGET_USER_FITS 0 -TARGET_OUT_GRID "/media/geodev/Data2/test_data2/2019-06/2019-06-19/2019_06_19_Flight_Plan_B_2_1_3_v6.sdat"

But I am getting the error below:

Error: grid: memory allocation failed [1879.20mb]
Error: executing tool [Mosaicking]

I am using Ubuntu 16 with 64GB RAM, SAGA 2.3.1 from a repository shared here.

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