I have a relatively large worldwide raster mbTiles file from which I want to convert individual countries into new mbtiles. Unfortunately I fail to use tilelive which is actually predestined for this purpose.

Has anyone ever run tilelive on an Ubuntu server and got the tilelive-copy command implemented?

I only get the error message.

I am going to do the following:

  • installation of node js
  • installation of npm
  • npm install tilelive
  • npm install @mapbox/mbtiles
  • npm install mbtiles

After executing the command: tilelive-copy input.mbtiles ouput.mbtiles I only get the error message Error: Invalid tilesource protocol: mbtiles.

I have now tried different nodejs versions etc. Nothing leads to success.


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It was ultimately a version problem. With NodeJS V 9.11.1 64 bit everything was possible without problems.


  • Install NodeJS V 9.11.1 64 Bit
  • install npm
  • npm install -g @mapbox/tilelive @mapbox/mbtiles

and its works:

tilelive-copy --bounds="5.9559,45.818,10.4921,47.8084" 18.mbtiles switzerland_18.mbtiles

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