I have a local installation of GeoNetwork 3.10.4 where I want to add a metadata schema that is available on Github. The schema can be found here: https://github.com/geoadmin/geocat/tree/geocat_3.4.x/schemas - I want to add the schema iso19139.che.

I tried to copy the folder with its contents to the directory web\geonetwork\WEB-INF\data\config\schema_plugins but the new schema does not show up in the metadata and template section after I restart the application.

Also, I read that it should be possible to upload a ZIP-file with a new schema, but I don't see any place where I can upload a schema in the GeoNetwork admin section.

How could this particular (or any schema) be integrated to another GeoNetwork installation?

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Any hint on how this particular (or any schema)

Well the instructions provided for the GEMINI 2.3 schema found at metadata 101 https://github.com/metadata101/iso19139.gemini23 worked for me on

Gemini 2.3 Metadata Profile schema plugin

Gemini 2.3 Metadata Profile

GeoNetwork versions to use with this plugin

Use the correct branch for your version of GeoNetwork. The default branch is for GeoNetwork 3.10 and this is the recommended version.

Installing the plugin in GeoNetwork 3.10.x (recommended version)

Adding to an existing installation

  • Download or clone this repository, ensuring you choose the correct branch.
  • Copy src/main/plugin/iso19139.gemini23 to INSTALL_DIR/geonetwork/WEB_INF/data/config/schema_plugins/iso19139.gemini23 in your installation.
  • Copy target/schema-iso19139.gemini23-3.7.jar to INSTALL_DIR/geonetwork/WEB_INF/lib
  • Restart GeoNetwork
  • Check that the schema is registered by visiting Admin Console -> Metadata and Templates -> Standards in GeoNetwork. If you do not see iso19139.gemini23 then it is not correctly deployed. Check your GeoNetwork log files for errors.
  • Thanks, this works well for gemini23, but the schema I need (iso19139.che) does not have a jar file. Do you know how I could create the necessary jar file for my schema? What is the best to edit an existing schema and add custom attributes, e.g. in gemini23?
    – Mario
    Nov 9, 2020 at 9:02
  • 1
    Not sure if you need the JAR, I know that the GEMINI2.3 schema here also has additional validation through a schematron, and the jar may be helping to enforce those rules. Sorry can't be of any more help.
    – nmtoken
    Nov 9, 2020 at 11:12

I was able to import the schema by duplicating the jar file from Gemini (schema-iso19139.gemini23-3.7.jar), then change the extension to .zip and then edit all the files where gemini23 appears. I then renamed the jar file to the same name that my schema folder has and changed the extension back to .jar. Finally, I copied this new file to INSTALL_DIR/geonetwork/WEB_INF/lib

Also I had to add a line to the file schema-ident.xml:


After these changes, Geonetwork recognizes the new schema and I am able to import the templates.

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