I am interested in loading a VIIRS raster that's contained in a gzipped H5 file, but I get an error. I am using the following command to get the info:

gdalinfo HDF5:"/vsigzip/imagery/viirs/test3/VIIRS-SDR_VIIRS-Moderate-Resolution-Band-10-SDR_20200923_78694/SVM10_npp_d20200923_t0333337_e0339141_b46148_c20200923073914810642_noac_ops.h5.gz"://All_Data/VIIRS-M10-SDR_All/Radiance

But I get the following error:

ERROR 4: `HDF5:/vsigzip/imagery/viirs/test3/VIIRS-SDR_VIIRS-Moderate-Resolution-Band-10-SDR_20200923_78694/SVM10_npp_d20200923_t0333337_e0339141_b46148_c20200923073914810642_noac_ops.h5.gz://All_Data/VIIRS-M10-SDR_All/Radiance' does not exist in the file system, and is not recognized as a supported dataset name.

I know this path works because if I use it with the python bindings, I can load everything correctly. Also, the gdalinfo command works if I de-compress the h5 file first, but this is not practical for my application, and I would like to make it work with the compressed file.



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