I have a set of contours that I am trying to automate a process on. This process clips the contours by a boundary, sets z-values based on the elevation field, and then exports those contours as a dxf file to be used in CAD. My issue is that I cannot figure out how to set the Z-value from the Processing Modeler algorithm.

Is there a certain syntax that I need to use so that I can assign the "ELEV" field from the output of my clip function to the Z-value in the Set Z-value function? I see no drop down or option to select a field from the output of the clip function so I am confused as to how to accomplish this.

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If you know the name of the field,
you can use an expression with the field name set as default, just select edit, and you'll get an expression builder window.

enter image description here

Otherwise, you can use a pre calculated value and set it from a field you can connect to your selected layer

enter image description here

enter image description here

The end result (just for this part) looks like this, where the Vector Field is connected to the Vector Layer and Set Z-Values uses them both.

enter image description here

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