I'm trying to create 1 SLD template for the Geoserver application on any point shapefile I upload. For example, I want a styling that will automatically color the attributes for the selected layer. If layer 1 has 5 unique records the styling should pull through this. enter image description here

And if I upload a different point shapefile(another layer) and select the same SLD template with more unique attributes it should automatically pull it through.

enter image description here

Please is this possible??

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No, it is not possible, the rules to drive coloring need to be set statically once. It may be possible to create a new function associating a random color to unique values of a field, but it would still be problematic for tiling (would end up generating different colors for the same feature... generating the color from a hash of the class value would be another option, but it would risk generating the same color, or a color that's too similar, for two different classes).

As a better alternative, install the SLD REST service extension and call it to generate a classified style right after uploading a new shapefile.

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