I have a series of points which I want to connect together as a web, with lines between all possible pairs of points. I'm sure I've done this before using the points to line geoprocessing tool, but I'm struggling to make it work.

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It has been done before in ArcGIS Deskstop but requires some licenses. Please check this post for 2 solutions: Drawing lines between all possible combinations of points using ArcGIS Desktop?

See the following comment from @klewis:

I think you can do this in two steps. First run "Generate Near Table", selecting Location. Next, run "XY to Line", providing start_x,start_y, near_x,near_y. Generate Near Table requires an Advanced license

Or the answer from @FelixIP for a ArcPy approach. Not on a machine with ArcGIS Pro at the moment, so I can not double check for you.

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