Receiving a segfault when running this very short script in Ubuntu.

from osgeo import ogr, osr

shpfile = 'Census_County_TIGER00_IN.shp'

def cust_field(field):
    '''cust_field(shpfile, field) creates a field definition, which, by calling cust_field(), can be used to create a field using the CreateField() function.
    cust_field() DOES NOT create a field -- it simply creates a "model" for a field, that can then be called later. It's weird, but that's GDAL/OGR, as far as I can tell.'''
    fieldDefn = ogr.FieldDefn(field, ogr.OFTInteger)
    return fieldDefn

ds = ogr.Open(shpfile, 1)
lyr = ds.GetLayerByIndex(0)
field = cust_field("Test")

Everything runs smoothly until that last line, when iPython, normal shell Python and the IDLE command line all dump to a segmentation fault. Is this an error on my end or an issue with the underlying C that I'm not addressing properly?

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This looks ok to me. I tried the script on a shapefile of mine and it seems to have worked fine.


Same here: it works when used on some shp. I add such a problem once and was able to debug it using gdb (some python object got gc'ed but underlying C library was still using pointers to some fields of the object).

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