I want to interpolate using the IDW method in ArcMap. I have to interpolate the values of several months for several years. I have the data in a shapefile in which each column has the values for each month (see image below). I want to do it in ModelBuilder as I have to perform an important number of interpolations.

How can I indicate in ModelBuilder to loop over each column and export the interpolated raster with the name of the column?

enter image description here

  • What does your model so far look like? – PolyGeo Nov 24 '20 at 6:28

I know you have tagged your question as ArcMap but this can be done easily in ArcPro as that provides a model builder iterator that loops over fields in a dataset. The model is simply:


No such iterator exists in ArcMap so you would have to provide\build a list of fields that could drive the model. I would suggest in ArcMap that this is probably best done as a simple script as you have better control over looping. The arcpy function ListFields would be the scripting equivalent to the ArcPro iterator.

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