Im detecting trees and want to create a .las file to be able to display it in Cloud Compare. I can not wrap my head around why this is not working. The scale should allow for 6 decimal points but it is rounded to the nearest int each time.

    outFile = File("trees.las", mode="w", header=ransac.dataFile.header)

    print(trees[:, 0])
    print(type(trees[:, 0]))

    outFile.X = trees[:, 0]


    outFile.Y = trees[:, 1]
    outFile.Z = trees[:, 2]

This is the printed values

[77.679703 77.6772   77.675003 ... 78.716003 78.696198 78.674599]
<class 'numpy.ndarray'>
[1e-06, 1e-06, 1e-06]
[77 77 77 ... 78 78 78]

All help will be appriciated!

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Turns out all you have to do is to change X, Y, Z to not be capital letters like this.

    outFile.x = trees[:, 0]
    outFile.y = trees[:, 1]
    outFile.z = trees[:, 2]

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