For accessing some data in a GeoNetwork metadata catalogue using CSW, I would need the URL for a GET request that would include also a geospatial filter (bounding box) and a time of interest (start time and end time) like:

> http://my_IP/geonetwork/srv/ita/csw?Request=GetRecords&service=CSW&resultType=results&version=2.0.2&typeNames=csw:Record&ElementSetName=full&CONSTRAINTLANGUAGE=CQL_TEXT&constraint_language_version=1.1.0&maxrecords=150&`

How to complete it to include spatial and temporal filters?

I searched for material online but I could not find any useful reference. I have the general POST request but I need the one with GET method for a specific purpose.

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    So, what does the POST request look like?
    – Berend
    Nov 27, 2020 at 7:50

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Generally speaking, to find out what is possible in a specification in this case CSW, the starting point is the specification documentation. OGC Catalogue Service specifications are listed at:


and for version=2.0.2& as per your GET request example you'd want:


You'd also want to look at the Filter Encoding specifications:


For what is possible/enabled in any individual service you need to look at the information in the GetCapabilities response, which for your example would be:


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