I'm trying to make a NetCDF CF-compliant, where the crs variable uses a WKT string. I'm using this compliance checker, testing against CF 1.7. I'm getting errors that certain attributes should be defined, even though the information requested is already in the WKT string.

This seems like a bug, but in example 5.12 in this section of the CF 1.8 conventions, there are attributes defined that are also in the WKT string, e.g. false easting/northing, lon/lat of projection meridian/origin. Is there a reason for this? Or, does this seem like something to bring up with contributors to the CF convention, or developers of the compliance checker?

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If you use python, this may be helpful: https://pyproj4.github.io/pyproj/stable/build_crs_cf.html


"The crs_wkt attribute is intended to act as a supplement to other single-property CF grid mapping attributes (as described in Appendix F); it is not intended to replace those attributes. If data producers omit the single-property grid mapping attributes in favour of the crs_wkt attribute, software which cannot interpret crs_wkt will be unable to use the grid_mapping information. Therefore the CRS should be described as thoroughly as possible with the single-property grid mapping attributes as well as by crs_wkt."


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