I have produced a map for New York State using CCDC as implemented in google earth engine. The map counts the number of disturbances for each pixel occurring between 1990 and 2019 (black = 0 disturbance, white = more disturbances). This map shows artifacts of the landsat scene footprints – specifically, the areas of scene overlap show more disturbances than those without scene overlap. See the striping pattern in the western part of the state. How can I mitigate this?

Disturbance count map: enter image description here

Landsat scene footprints: enter image description here

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These stripes are indeed due to the higher density observations in the areas with scene overlap.

The LCMAP project used a newer version of CCDC that includes an observation density correction (See figure 8).

Apparently the USGS USGS pyCCD repo includes this density correction. The density correction is explained in the COLD paper by Zhu et al. (Also author of CCDC). COLD code can be found here.

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