I am working on Angular 11 project having ArcGIS JavaScript version 4.17. When placing points on map using GraphicsLayer am using custom SVG Icons, the ones with animation are not showing perfectly on the map. they are showed as a static picture, even though they are showed perfectly animated on the Developer tools-> source portal.

Note that I had tried SimpleMarkerSymbol.path and PictureMarkerSymbol.url but the same problem exists.


symbol = {
      type: 'picture-marker',
      width: '45px',
      height: '45px'
const pointGraphic = new Graphic({
      geometry: point,
      symbol: symbol 

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Animated SVG images are not currently supported in ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.17. At the 4.18 release in a few days, the documentation will be updated to clarify this.

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