I'm facing a problem concerning the fact that 2 polygons are connected by a thin connection.

Polygon thin connection

Is there an automatic method/process to deal with this situation, separating the 2 polygons and maintaining the same information for both?

I've already tried the "Correct Geometries" process.

I know that on QGIS 3.0 or later, there is the verify geometries toolbox, is there any specific configurations inside there that is able to deal with this?

  • How to identify, remove these "thin connections" and maintain the aspect of area and other info to both polygons? Commented Dec 2, 2020 at 20:57

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Apply a negative buffer: Menu vector / Geoprocessing Tools / Buffer and set the buffer distance to a very small negative value - slightely bigger than the thickness of the connecting line.


Not perfect but maybe good enough:

  1. Buffer with a negative distance
  2. Buffer results with the same distance but positive

enter image description here

And maybe clip the original polygon with the buffer


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