I have trajectory data in LineStringM format and visualize relevant results via Leaflet on street map tiles. I was wondering whether it is possible to visualize spatiotemporal plots on OSM tiles.

I understand that there are commercial software solutions providing what I am interested in but I was wondering whether it is possible to achieve similar results in a simple manner without drastically changing my workflow using open-source alternatives. It looks like a similar question has been asked here before though the answers might be outdated.

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    You could simply visualize in a similar way using MapBox GL JS V1 and set a z value for each hour, since you are using 3 dimensional data (with time instead of height) that might work. You could also try using the R plotly to combine its 3D and map plots
    – Dror Bogin
    Dec 9 '20 at 19:39

This might not be exactly what you are looking for, but you could use QGIS for something similar, for example, I created a points layer with a date-time field which was filled with now() as the default value when I added each point. I then set a z field and populated it with this expression (test being my layer):

(epoch( "time" ) - epoch(attribute( get_feature_by_id('test',1),'time')))/1000

This gave me a table looking something like the first picture, where every second adds another meter of elevation (or another z anyway)

enter image description here

I then used the Set Z Value processing tool and with a z value set I could visualize my layer in a 3D map view.

I would recommend maybe adding an additional ~50 meters to set a base height above the terrain, but that's up to you.

enter image description here

You could probably get something similar with a maplibre js map but if want a relatively simpler solution, this might work.

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