I'm relatively new in GIS and I am using QGIS. I'm trying to find a way to copy a field value from a voronoi polygon layer into each point that is currently inside the said polygon. enter image description here

Each voronoi polygon contains a unique population field value. Also, each polygon contains exactly 10 points distributed randomly within. What I intend to do is to copy the population values from each polygon into the points within the same polygon then divide them by 10 - essentially distributing the population to every point.

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You can use Join Attributes by Location tool to copy Population values into points, then Field Calculator to divide them by 10.

  1. Set Base Layer to point layer,
  2. Join Layer to Voronoi layer,
  3. Check within,
  4. Select Population field,
  5. Select ... (one to many) and run the tool.

enter image description here

You will get a new point layer having Population field.

  1. Open Attribute Table (using Right Click -> Open Attribute Table or just F6).
  2. Click "Field Calculator" button (enter image description here)
  3. Specify a field name
  4. Select "integer" as field type
  5. Then use Population/10 and click OK.

enter image description here

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