I want a grid of points (with defined spaces between them) inside a Polygon. All the points should contain the same information as the original Polygon did.

I tried the centroid (only one point -> not good) also the random point (no information of the original Polygon -> also not good). Is there a simple way to do this in Qgis?

To show my thought-progress I added my poorly made picture of paint. The black circle represents the Polygon and the red dots should be my Point-grid.

Paint picture of my problem

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You can use Vector / Research Tools / Random Points in Polygons, see screenshot.

If the points should be regular, select the top entry in the menu: Vector / Research Tools / Create grid. Then select points and set Grid extent to the polygon layer. In both versions, you can set a fixed (grid) or minimal (random) distance and (for random points only) the number of points.

Then use Join attributes by location (summary) from Menu Processing / Toolbox. Set the points as input layer, the polygon as Join Layer. This will attributes from to polygon to a copy of the points layer.

enter image description here


If you want to create points in a uniform grid, there is a better process:

  1. Run tool "Create Grid".
  • Set grid type to point
  • Set grid extent to "Calculate from Layer" and set it to your polygon layer
  • Set your horizontal and vertical spacing. In this screenshot I have set it to get a square grid spaced at 10m x 10m.

Create Grid

  1. Run tool "Clip" Clip your point layer using your polygon as an overlay layer.

  2. Run tool join attributes by location.

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