I'm working on a Google Earth Engine app where we would like to allow the end user to upload a raster file for use in the calculations. Is there a good way to do this? We already know that a user can manipulate the geometry imports with the drawing tools, but is there a way to just upload a file and then pass the file to an algorithm for processing?

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I have a round-about way of doing this. Not sure if there is anything simpler. The steps include

  1. On your earth engine app, include a link to an empty Google Drive (or any other cloud service buckets which has API integration with Google Cloud Platform)
  2. Use Google drive API to mount your drive on a local/remote node. Use Google Earth Engine python API to access the inputted raster. Optionally process the input raster
  3. Use Google cloud api to upload the raster/processed raster to Google cloud bucket
  4. Use Earth Engine api to upload raster/processed raster from Google cloud bucket to Earth Engine Assets
  5. Use Earth Engine api to display the new user inputted raster/processed raster in the api.

A working example of the above 5 steps is provided in this Colab notebook and displayed in this Earth Engine App.

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