I am using PostGIS GUI to import shapefile. The connection is good. While I successfully imported the Alabama table. I got the following error when I tried to import the other two shapefiles. I imported those files separately. Why is that?

enter image description here


To complete @Ian Turnon's answer, you have four modes (use the dropdown menu) :

  • Create
  • Append
  • Delete
  • Prepare

enter image description here

You can use append if you want to add rows to your existing table. Otherwise I advise you to delete your layer first in your database and then use the Create mode.

  • Hi thanks. But does that mean I am unable to create two tables in one batch using the PostGIS GUI tool? – Tracy Yang Dec 16 '20 at 17:40
  • you can create as many tables as you want but before deleting the tables with the same name in the database. – Vincent Bré Dec 17 '20 at 8:11

You have asked the program to create a new table but it already exists. I'm not familiar with the tool you are using but there is probably a check box about creating or appending the data and you need to change that.

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    clicking on the "create" text brings a drop-down box allowing one to append the data to and existing table, or to delete it first – JGH Dec 16 '20 at 13:00

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