I would like to add TIFs to ArcGIS Online as a layer using QGIS.

An example is the ValleyNAI layer here: https://tiles.arcgis.com/tiles/U0vgiXgwLpyQDfbW/arcgis/rest/services/ValleyNAI/MapServer

As far as I can tell, they were able to add TIFs to the tile layer. However, I cannot seem to figure out how to do so using QGIS.

  • You want to add the layer to QGIS correct? Not upload from QGIS?
    – Mapperz
    Commented Dec 16, 2020 at 23:11
  • No, I want to use QGIS, since I do not have ArcGIS Pro, to put TIFs on ArcGIS Online.
    – TCR
    Commented Dec 21, 2020 at 16:52

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To add the images in QGIS use the WMTS connection.


enter image description here

  • I am sorry what I said was unclear. Rather than adding them TO QGIS, I want to be able to upload TIFs to ArcGIS Online. It appears that one can do it by publishing tile layers online. Is there a way to do so using QGIS since I do not have ArcGIS Pro.
    – TCR
    Commented Dec 21, 2020 at 16:51
  • @Tim do you have an ArcGIS online account? you most likely need that to upload using ArcGIS Online. Not sure if you can create via QGIS
    – Mapperz
    Commented Dec 21, 2020 at 18:11
  • Yes, I do. I tried to upload directly a TIF, but ArcGIS Online does not support the format. :\ Here is what ArcGIS Online supports: doc.arcgis.com/en/arcgis-online/reference/supported-items.htm
    – TCR
    Commented Dec 22, 2020 at 19:09

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