I'm trying to transform a JTS geometry from EPSG 3035 to 4326 with the code attached below. However, when I'm just reading the geometry from a WKT, the results are different from the expected value (should be long: 48°16'17.626", lat: 14°16'55.125", according to epsg.io, but is POINT (61.90... -19.77...)).

However, when I switch the coordinate order in the WKT I get the expected results. Is there any way to tell the WKTReader or JTS.transform to switch up the coordinate order internally?

final WKTReader reader = new WKTReader();
final Geometry geom = reader.read("POINT (4638804.944501147 2804557.565404966)");
final CoordinateReferenceSystem crs3035 = CRS.decode("EPSG:3035");
final CoordinateReferenceSystem crs4326 = CRS.decode("EPSG:4326");

final MathTransform metersToDeg = CRS.findMathTransform(crs3035, crs4326);
final Geometry transformed = JTS.transform(geom, metersToDeg);

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Axis order with EPSG:4326 is a nightmare of such complexity that it really needs to be retired by the EPSG and replaced with 2 distinct codes for lat/lon and lon/lat.

For a quick and dirty fix you can just try adding System.setProperty("org.geotools.referencing.forceXY", "true"); to your program. Alternatively, you can use DefaultGeographicCRS.WGS84 instead of decoding an EPSG code which should give you an East/North Axis order (which can always be checked using CRS.getAxisOrder(crs).

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