I have a string column with a datetime in it, I want to drop the time and reformat the column to date format. In field calculator I type:

to_date( (EndDate), 'yyyy/MM/dd') 

This gives the following error:

Eval Error: Cannot convert '2020-07-15 15:12:55' to Date

How do I manage this?

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    What is the current column type?
    – Erik
    Dec 17 '20 at 14:01

I advice you to use the format_date method like this:

format_date( "Enddate" , 'yyyy/MM/dd')

or the to_date method without specifying a format:

to_date( "Enddate" )

In both cases, the result is 2020-07-15.

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    Beat me by a minute.
    – Erik
    Dec 17 '20 at 14:07
  • Wouldn't 'yyyy/MM/dd' give "2020/07/15" rather than "2020-07-15", which would need "yyyy-MM-dd"?
    – Dave X
    Dec 17 '20 at 18:22
  • If it's a Date field, the result will be "2020-07-15", QGIS automatically stores with the separator "-" and you can't overwrite it. But if your field is a text field, then the result will be "2020/07/15". Dec 18 '20 at 7:43

Maybe try this:


edit: Ah, Vincent Bré was a bit faster apparently, and his solution is probably cleaner as well, but this one works also.

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