I am using GDAL 2.1.0 in a C++ application.

I call GDALOpenEx() to open a dataset file. If it fails to open the file, it returns NULL. That is sufficient to bail early. But, I would also like to know what the error was that caused it to fail.

The documentation for GDALOpenEx() ( https://gdal.org/api/raster_c_api.html#gdal_8h_1a9cb8585d0b3c16726b08e25bcc94274a ) says:

If all drivers fail then NULL is returned and an error is issued.

"an error is issued" probably means that it is sent to the callback I register with CPLSetErrorHandler(). I already have such a callback so that the error is logged to my log file. However, is there another way I can get the error immediately after I call GDALOpenEx() ?


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