I am using Sentinel-1 SAR GRD imagery with IW and EW swaths from ESA through Google Earth Engine.

  • Is the pre-processed Sentinel-1 GRD product that I access through GEE is Sigma0 or Gamma0 or Beta0?

  • Also how can I convert from Sigma0 to Gamma0?

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  1. As written in the first line of Sentinel-1 pre-processing description, Sentinel-1 GRD image collection represents sigma0 in dB.
  2. To convert sigma0 to gamma0, you can use the following trigonometric properties (reference; slides 34-36):

sigma0 = beta0 * sin(theta) ... where beta0 is the square of raw digital number

gamma0 = beta0 * tan(theta)


gamma0 = sigma0/cos(theta)

You can implement the above expression in Earth Engine to obtain gamma0.

Link to full code.


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