I have an elevation file (.tif) in EPSG:4326 and point data for wildfire occurrence in the same projection. When I use this projection, I can use the following code to extract the elevation value, for the corresponding point and add that into the dataframe:


fig, ax=plt.subplots(figsize=(12,12))
wfdf.plot(ax=ax, color='orangered', alpha=0.5)
show(elev, ax=ax)

coords = [(x,y) for x, y in zip(wfdf.DLONGITUDE, wfdf.DLATITUDE)] 
wfdf['Elevation'] = [x[0] for x in elev.sample(coords)]

However, I need this in EPSG:26912 to be more accurately represented. I have tried to reproject both layers into EPSG:26912, but then the elevation values just result in my default NoData value -9999 for every point. So I then created a whole new raster for elevation, already in the correct projection, using mosaic tool in ArcGIS. I checked in the software, and there were no NoData values, the raster is all good. However, same thing happens - I read it in, I reproject the wfdf fire occurrence point data to EPSG:26912 as so:


I run the same code, and again, all values for Elevation are -9999. It only seems to read data values in the EPSG:4326 and I cannot find a solution online.

If I run the Extract Values to Points in ArcGIS for the correct coordinate system, it works also, so it's something happening in Python.

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