I would like to copy and paste the value from another feature sharing the same id in QGIS.

The feature to take the value from is always the only one with a value other than NULL per "id". Here what I am trying to achieve:

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    A nice question, but may I ask what have you tried by so far? What are your ideas? – Taras Dec 29 '20 at 9:25
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    I've thought of using an expression such as if("cat_f" is NULL, group_by:="id", "cat_f"="cat_f", NULL) But it does not make much sense yet... :) – Md01 Dec 29 '20 at 9:30
  • What is the logic QGIS should apply for choosing the feature to take the value from? Is there always only one feature with a value other than NULL per "id"? Please add the answer to your question's body. – bugmenot123 Dec 29 '20 at 11:12

You can use pyqgis:

lyr = iface.activeLayer() #Click layer in layer tree
fieldlist = ['id','cat_f']

data = [[f[fieldname] for fieldname in fieldlist] for f in lyr.getFeatures()]
#data is now: [[1, 'a'], [1, NULL], [2, 'b'], [2, NULL], [2, NULL], [3, NULL], [3, 'c']]

noNullData = [f for f in data if (f[1] is not None) and (f[1]!=NULL)]
#[[1, 'a'], [2, 'b'], [3, 'c']]

d = {id:data for id, data in noNullData}
#{1: 'a', 2: 'b', 3: 'c'}

fieldindex = lyr.fields().indexFromName(fieldlist[1])

with edit(lyr):
    for f in lyr.getFeatures():
        if f[fieldlist[0]] in d:
            f[fieldlist[1]] = d[f[fieldlist[0]]]

enter image description here


If you want to use QGIS expressions, use this expression here. In the screenshot below, I used it to create a new field, but you can as well use it to update an existing field:

"id"  || 
with_variable (
        array_agg ( 
            map ( "id", "cat_f") 
        @element is not NULL
    array_to_string (
        map_avals ( 
            array_get (
                array_foreach ( 
                    generate_series (
                        array_length (@mapunique)-1
                    array_get (
                ), "id"-1

enter image description here

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