To see a attributes/field values of point(s) or a polygon most usually is to select (i) icon and then clicking on a point or a polygon and then table with values shows on the right.

Is it possible to post attribute/field data by the points/polygons in the map view (up-right corner of the point itself)?

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You can use labels for showing the value of an attribute on the upper left corner of your points, see screenshot below for details:

  1. Go to the label tab of your layer
  2. Select the attribute you want to show near your points (in the screenshot, you see I selected fid)
  3. Go to the Placement tab and select as mode Offset from Point
  4. Select the upper left Quadrant
  5. If the label is to close to your points, change the X,Y Offset values (in the screenshot, my X offset is -1, Y offset is 0)

enter image description here


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