I have a line feature class in State Plane survey feet. When I create a dimension feature class I simply cannot figure out how to get the dimension to display inches. There seems to be a button for inputting an expression (DimLenght*12 maybe), but it is greyed out. There is an option to set the display output to inches, but that doesn't seem to affect the final output - the dimension lines still show feet, but with an " suffix (I set this option).

Where is the option to change what is displayed on the dimension line?


For example, you would like the lengths to show 120 inches as opposed to 10 ft.

There is currently no way to simply change the display of a dimension feature class label to show feet and inches.

This is going to be fixed in the next updates.

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    I wound up figuring out how to enter an expression to genereate custom text display: Round([DimLength]*12), 0) + " \"" gave me 120" rather than 10 feet. Worked OK. – That Idiot Jan 2 at 18:50

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