I am having an issue with clipping my raster as per the vector mask layer. I did try to counter the issue with projecting both files in same CRS, however, still getting the same error (ERROR 1: Cutline not of polygon type.). I am running QGIS 3.16.1 on macOS Big Sur. Already had so many issues in running QGIS on this Mac Platform. Now this simple problem is annoying. Files are attached here.

I did try the solution provided here but to no use. Error in clipping raster (.bil) using vector polygon in qgis

Kind of novice with QGIS and its use on macOS.

  • Could not upload files here. Please suggest. – shotgun Jan 2 at 8:31
  • Hard to guess the problem without seeing your input polygon layer. Can you share screenshot? – Nil Jan 2 at 9:27
  • How to share screenshots? – shotgun Jan 2 at 14:17
  • QGIS version: 3.16.1-Hannover QGIS code revision: 3ecbe06f78 Qt version: 5.14.2 GDAL version: 3.1.2 GEOS version: 3.8.1-CAPI-1.13.3 PROJ version: Rel. 6.3.2, May 1st, 2020 Processing algorithm… Algorithm 'Clip raster by mask layer' starting… – shotgun Jan 2 at 14:21
  • Input parameters: { 'ALPHA_BAND' : False, 'CROP_TO_CUTLINE' : True, 'DATA_TYPE' : 0, 'EXTRA' : '', 'INPUT' : '/nnnn/LandsatBands/clippedtoGHMCarea.tif', 'KEEP_RESOLUTION' : False, 'MASK' : '/nnnn/LandsatBands/lines.shp', 'MULTITHREADING' : False, 'NODATA' : None, 'OPTIONS' : '', 'OUTPUT' : 'TEMPORARY_OUTPUT', 'SET_RESOLUTION' : False, 'SOURCE_CRS' : None, 'TARGET_CRS' : QgsCoordinateReferenceSystem('EPSG:4326'), 'X_RESOLUTION' : None, 'Y_RESOLUTION' : None } – shotgun Jan 2 at 14:24

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