Here is what I'm trying to do, but the text remain printed in one line. What is wrong?

from grass_session import Session
from grass.script import run_command

with Session(gisdb="path to mygisdb", location="myL72",
             create_opts="EPSG:31370") as sess:

    cptxt = "- first line \n"
    cptxt += "- second line \n"

                at=[2, 45],

But the result is - first line - second line.

Any idea?

  • Try to use \r\n or \r. I'm not sure if it works. Or d.text may not support linefeed (\n). – Kadir Şahbaz Jan 2 at 21:25
  • I'm in a linux environment, normally \n should be enough. I've tried your suggestion, but it does not solve the problem. Thanks anyway. – jean pierre huart Jan 4 at 11:37
  • d.text may not support linefeed (\n). I think that, because for example v.label supports linefeed and this is clearly stated in docs. I think it would have been stated if d.text supported \n. – Kadir Şahbaz Jan 4 at 11:53
  • I'm adapting a bash script that was using version 6.4 and \n was supported. I haven't checked if it is still the case in a bash script, but in python it seems that you are right. I found a workaround using an input file instead. – jean pierre huart Jan 5 at 8:38
  • The best way is to check the source code at github.com/OSGeo/grass/tree/master/display/d.text and propose, as needed, a code improvement. – markusN Jan 5 at 9:49

I've found another way to do it, but I don't find it very elegant. d.text accepts a string or a file. In this second case it works as expected.

cptxt = "- first line \n"
cptxt += "- second line \n"

myfile = 'input_text.txt'

with open(myfile, "w") as ftxt:


I'm still looking if using a string directly is anyway possible.

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