I'm trying to put on the map the route of an ads-b plane, I've managed this so far ...

Poblema is as follows puts all the points since I started to intercept him until the end what is not correct should remain only the last point that shows his exact real time location.

function addMarker(coordinates, data_no) {

            //var marker = new ol.Feature(new ol.geom.Point(coordinates).transform('EPSG:4326', 'EPSG:31700'));
            var marker = new ol.Feature(new ol.geom.Point(coordinates).transform('EPSG:4326', map.getView().getProjection()));
            var zIndex = 1;
            var style_aircraft = new ol.style.Style({
                                      image: new ol.style.Icon(({
                                        anchor: [0.5, 36], 
                                        anchorXUnits: "fraction",
                                        anchorYUnits: "pixels",
                                        opacity: 1,
                                        src: "img/airport.png", 
                                        zIndex: zIndex
                                      zIndex: zIndex,
                                      text: new ol.style.Text({
                                        font: 'bold 16px "Open Sans", "Arial Unicode MS", "sans-serif"',
                                        placement: 'center',
                                        fill: new ol.style.Fill({
                                          color: 'black'

            var data = data_no[0]+"/"+data_no[1]+"/"+data_no[2]+"/"+data_no[3];

enter image description here

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If data_no[0] is the id of the plane you could use

        var old_marker = vectorSource.aircraft.getFeatureById(data_no[0]);
        if (old_marker) {

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