When a user clicks on a Mapbox streets-v11 map, I'm attempting to:

  1. Take the clicked point, and identify the h3 hexagon (at resolution 10) around the point
  2. Convert the hexagon coordinates into the polygon hexPolygon
  3. Highlight building features (from streets-v11/composite source) within hexPolygon

Currently, this functionality is working as expected, except the h3 hexagon coordinates are forming a narrow distorted hexagon. Below is an image of the distorted hexagons being created.

Here is a jsbin with my code. To reproduce, can zoom in on the map until you see buildings render, and click on the map. At that point, a narrow hexagon of buildings should appear highlighted.

(You can then copy the hexPolygon object from the console and paste it into a tool like geojson.io to view the polygon that was created)

And here is the function:

map.on("click", function (e) {

  // Convert a lat/lng point to a hexagon index at resolution 10
  const h3Index = h3.geoToH3(e.lngLat.lng, e.lngLat.lat, 10);

  // Get the center of the hexagon
  const hexCenterCoordinates = h3.h3ToGeo(h3Index);

  // Get the vertices of the hexagon
  const hexBoundary = h3.h3ToGeoBoundary(h3Index);



  const hexPolygon = {
    type: 'Feature',
    properties: {
      paint: {
        "line-color": "red"
    geometry: {
      type: 'Polygon',
      coordinates: [hexBoundary]

  var features = map.querySourceFeatures("composite", {
    sourceLayer: "building"


  const collector = [];


  for (let i = 0; i < features.length; i++) {

    const feature = features[i]

    if (feature.geometry.type === "Polygon" && turf.booleanWithin(feature, hexPolygon)) {


  const buildingsHighlightedLayer = map.getSource("buildings");
    type: "FeatureCollection",
    features: collector

Distorted hexagon polygons

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Something is definitely off there - while H3 hexagons do have some distortion in various parts of the globe, and while this distortion is further distorted at extreme latitudes when rendered in a Mercator projection, this is significantly more distorted than it ought to be.

  • What lat/long are you displaying? Have you tried the same hex indexes in https://observablehq.com/@nrabinowitz/h3-index-inspector ?
  • It looks like you’re probably using lat,long output from h3ToGeoBoundary, which is probably the issue. Tryh3.h3ToGeoBoundary(h3Index, true) (the second argument gives you GeoJSON-conformal output)
  • This is the right answer, both geo_json_conformant in the polyfill function (if used) and h3_to_geo_boundary need to be checked for True or False parameter.
    – delimiter
    Commented Apr 25, 2021 at 0:43

When you run h3ToGeoBoundary it returns pairs of long,lat not lat,long. Make sure you account for this properly.


const h3Index = h3.geoToH3(e.lngLat.lng, e.lngLat.lat, 10);

geoToH3 function accepts latitude and then longitude. You changed places.

h3.geo_to_h3(lat, lng, resolution)

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