I have two points (GPS photo coordinates) per polygon (area photo is taken). The two points have an identifier that links both to their corresponding polygon, so I already know each polygon will have two corresponding points. This is just to make sure the photos' gps points are within a reasonable distance of the polygon (like 500ft). I do not care if they are closer to one polygon than another, I just need to ensure the photo gps points are somewhat near their respective polygon.

I have several thousand cases of this and am using ArcGIS Pro. I have been toying with the near tool, but it seems it will just find the nearest feature, whether or not it shares the correct attributes.

Is there another tool I could utilize to figure this out?

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The Generate Near Table should assist you to meet your requirement (with my bolding):

Calculates distances and other proximity information between features in one or more feature class or layer. Unlike the Near tool, which modifies the input, Generate Near Table writes results to a new stand-alone table and supports finding more than one near feature.

This tool can be used at all license levels in ArcGIS Pro (unlike in ArcMap which requires an Advanced level license).

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