I am trying to use a USGS product called AppEARS to download data. I want all data across the world, but the interface wants me to specify a region. enter image description here

How can I write a JSON file that will allow me to draw a "polygon" that essentially covers the whole map (i.e. from -180 to 180, from -90 to 90)?

  • Use the draw rectangle as in your screenshot? (as MrXsquared mentions). – Mapperz Jan 4 at 22:58
  • @Mapperz this is a good suggestion, but unfortunately I could not draw a rectangle big enough to encompass the whole map. The solution I wrote below worked great. Thank you for your help! – Stephen Jan 5 at 23:22

Found a great solution to this problem! Here's the website where you can write geojson using drag and drop on a map... http://geojson.io/


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