I’m on 3.16 QGIS GRASS... It hasn’t got gdalwarp.

Simple issue, I have a raster file which includes two regions: land and sea. I have a vector polyline that marks the division between land and sea. I want to keep the sea element of the raster, and cut, mask, bounded out, loose or otherwise not see the land element.

Seems I have to turn the polyline into a polygon first? (Or drop to MS paint, manually trace, re geo reference, and reload with sellotape and tippex ..)?

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    I'm not much doing with rasters, but: 1. don't know what gdarwarp has to do with your task 2. Idea: Make a polygon from the extends of your raster e.g. by "Extract layer extent" from the toolbox. Then try to use "Split with lines" to split your bounding polygon with your line feature(s?). Hopefully having generated parts of land and sea, delete those sea parts of the polygon. Then use "Clip raster by mask layer" using the remaining polygon parts. This is no answer but just a theoretically workable path to go. Without knowing your data, its all just a wild guess. – Bernd V. Jan 6 at 21:56

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