Assuming that pipes are digitizet correctly (first node as upstream, last as downstream), I need to align the arrows of a point layer to display flowmeter's direction. So far I need to use v.split (GRASS), then populate a new field with this expression (see How to horizontally align irregularly shaped point symbol to vector layer in QGIS?):

(atan((xat(-1)-xat(0))/(yat(-1)-yat(0)))) * 180/3.14159 + (180 *(((yat(-1)- yat(0)) < 0) + (((xat(-1)-xat(0)) < 0 AND (yat(-1) - yat(0)) >0)*2)))

and then this angle can be assigned to nearest point with refFunctions plugin:

geomdistance('pipes', 'Angle', 0.001)

Since the flowmeters will be moved to different pipes, I'm looking for a different procedure that will change automatically the angle, I'm open to advices. What comes to my mind is:

  1. buffer a circumference (radious like 5 meters) around each point,
  2. select the segment inside buffer
  3. apply the angle formula to this segment and then write the value as point attribute

Questions are: can it be done? Suggestions in how to do it (preferably with field calculator)?

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