I am new to ArcGIS Desktop.

I have one layer with different types of sewer: for rain water only, for waste water only and both mixed. Every type of sewer should have his own color: rain - blue, waste water - brown, mixed - violet. So I created a categorized symbology with three categories based on the layers attribut "type".

Now my problem is the following: I want to see only one type of sewer in my map, for example the one for rain water.

How can I get this done?

There is only one checkbox for the whole layer, not for the single categories in the toc.

Prior to ArcGIS/ArcMap I used GeoMedia from Intergraph/Hexagon and now in addition QGIS. In both GIS programs I'm able to turn off single categories but I couldn't find such a function in ArcGIS/ArcMap.

The only solution I have at the moment is to set the symbology of the categories I don't want to see to width zero or to insert the layer three times with single symbology and use filters for the type.

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Use a Definition Query to limit your symbology to one Type attribute.

For example: Type = "rain"

  • Thanks for your quick answer! There´s really no other, more efficient way to geht this result?
    – Astrid
    Jan 11, 2021 at 9:59

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