I have terrestrial lidar scans that were merged and tiled into 100 x 100m tiles, but they are a little too big so I re-tiled to 50x50m. However, a lot of tiles at the edge of the study area are very small and do not contain useful information (e.g., 10x10m) which causes problems in my processing pipeline.

How can I select a subset of tiles from the las catalog picture below?

enter image description here


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In lidR you can filter the tiles with a low area

ctg = readLAScatalog(...)
area = (ctg$Max.X - ctg$Min.X) * (ctg$Max.Y - ctg$Min.Y)
bigtiles = ctg[area > 100000,]

catalog_select from the lidR package allows individual las catalog tiles to be selected using the cursor.


ctg <- readLAScatalog(...)
ctg_new <- catalog_select(ctg)

enter image description here

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