I'm new to GDAL and am just learning the inner-workings of C++ compilation at the moment so please bear with me.

I am trying to define a pixel function to produce a VRT from input TIFs, with a band being some computation of other bands, which I can translate into a TIF. Let's say something simple like the min of each band.

The top voted answer here suggests that these functions cannot exist outside the program where they are registered. There is a nice post from the GDAL mailing list which summarises the process which suggests otherwise however. This post indicates that I should be able to build a shared library, and define the GDAL_DRIVER_PATH environment variable to point at the directory containing this. This looks promising, since now a call to gdal_translate on the command-line shows that it's trying to access this library but can't find the GDALRegisterMe or GDALRegister_pixelFunctions function (my library is called gdal_pixelFunctions.so)

$ gdal_translate testVrt.vrt testVrt.tif
ERROR 1: build/gdal_pixelFunctions.so: undefined symbol: GDALRegisterMe
ERROR 1: build/gdal_pixelFunctions.so: undefined symbol: GDALRegister_pixelFunctions
Input file size is 1000, 1000
0ERROR 5: VRTDerivedRasterBand::IRasterIO:Derived band pixel function 'OneFunction' not registered.

My src looks like

CPLErr OneFunction(
    void **papoSources,
    int nSources,
    void *pData,
    int nXSize,
    int nYSize,
    GDALDataType eSrcType,
    GDALDataType eBufType,
    int nPixelSpace,
    int nLineSpace
    // trivial implementation

void GDALRegisterMe()
    GDALAddDerivedBandPixelFunc("OneFunction", OneFunction);

Attempting this on Arch Linux if that helps.


In case this is helpful - This link shows how GDAL tries to load drivers from shared libraries, searching first for the GDALRegister_pixelFunction() function (in this case) and then GDALRegisterMe() if not found, but my shared library seems to be failing to provide these for some reason.

  • I suggest to ask this question from the gdal-dev mailing list because the GDAL C++ developers are there.
    – user30184
    Commented Jan 12, 2021 at 8:20
  • 1
    @user30184 thank you, indeed they were able to quickly point out the issue, posted below
    – mcindoe
    Commented Jan 12, 2021 at 12:50

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The GDAL developer mailing list helped me resolve - simply add

extern "C" {
    void GDALRegisterMe();

to the top of the src file

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