I would like to select cities in my attribute table according to their suffix. For example: select only cities which end with "ton". How can I do this?

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Use select by expression with this expression:

if (right ("city", 3) = 'ton', true, false)

where city is the fieldname of the string (input) that you want to search - replace it with the name of your field.

Output of the expression is true if the suffix is ton, otherwise it is false - combined with select by expression it will create a selection of cases that end in -ton.


Simply you can use Like function in Select by expression. Assuming the field name of cities is "CityName" it will be like this:

"CityName" LIKE '%ton'

In the following example, the field name of city names is Name. Applying the above expression

"NAME" LIKE '%ton'

I got the following result:

enter image description here

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