I have a client who wants some information that is stored in a non-spatial table on an ArcGIS Map Service. When connecting to that service via either the Map Service Connection or Feature Service Connection in QGIS the table does not show up. Is there a way to get at that table in QGIS without knowing the architecture of their server or do I need to have my client ask the city to make the table part of their open data website? It's the table located here https://gis.burnaby.ca/arcgis/rest/services/BurnabyMap/BBY_PUBLIC_TBL/MapServer/1

  • You can use the query option in ArcGIS REST Services and download the data (e.g as pbf). Then you can basically drag and drop the data to QGIS. Or you must connect to Arcgis service via QGIS? – Nil Jan 13 at 8:57

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