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My existing code (see below) only reads and rotates one band but I want all 360 of my bands to rotate.


your_raster <- raster("path/to/raster.tif")

rotated_raster <- rotate(your_raster)

If you want to load a multi-band raster up, don't use raster() function, use brick() or stack() instead. raster() only opens single-band rasters, even from a multi-band raster (you can set the band you want to open).

Rotate works with multi-band rasters, so you'll be fine after opening the file:

r <- raster(nrow=18, ncol=36)
m <- matrix(1:ncell(r), nrow=18)
values(r) <- as.vector(t(m))
extent(r) <- extent(0, 360, -90, 90)
s <- stack(r,r,r)
rr <- rotate(s)


enter image description here enter image description here

Use write.raster(rotated_raster,'path_/to/file.tif') then for saving the file in your computer.

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