Can one tell that from the number of digits or a similar rule?


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You can use PyCRS library.

import pycrs

crs3857 = pycrs.parse.from_epsg_code(3857)
print("EPSG:3857 is " + crs3857.cs_type)

crs4326 = pycrs.parse.from_epsg_code(4326)
print("EPSG:4326 is " + crs4326.cs_type)


EPSG:3857 is Projected
EPSG:4326 is Geographic

You can also use isinstance method of Python with PyCRS:

isinstance(crs3857, pycrs.ProjCS)
# True

isinstance(crs4326, pycrs.GeogCS)
# True
  • Worked fine for me thanks!. But the 'pycrs.parse.from_epsg_code' part takes soo long for me (at least 2 minutes). Is there a faster solution?
    – David
    Feb 4, 2021 at 14:07
  • @David Maybe it is related to your internet connection or epsg.io. When using EPSG code, the package uses epsg.io. Feb 4, 2021 at 18:05

The best way, I guess, is to use pyproj itself.

from pyproj import CRS

crs3857 = CRS(3857) # Web Mercator
crs4326 = CRS(4326) # WGS84

crs3857.is_projected  # True
crs3857.is_geographic # False

crs4326.is_projected  # False
crs4326.is_geographic # True

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