I have created three points of land surface temperature. I want to export the time series result in three different variable names.

// Import country boundaries feature collection.

var dataset = ee.FeatureCollection('USDOS/LSIB_SIMPLE/2017');

// here is the three points of land surface temperature

var features = [
ee.Feature(ee.Geometry.Point(14.5, -15)),
ee.Feature(ee.Geometry.Point(14.8, -15.1)),
ee.Feature(ee.Geometry.Point(14.9, -15.2))

var points = ee.FeatureCollection(features);

// Import LST image collection.

var modis = ee.ImageCollection('MODIS/MOD11A2');
var start = ee.Date('2001-01-01');
var dateRange = ee.DateRange(start, start.advance(15, 'year'));
var mod11a2 = modis.filterDate(dateRange);

// Select only the 1km day LST data band.

var modLSTday = mod11a2.select('LST_Day_1km');
var modLSTc = modLSTday.map(function(img) {
return img
.copyProperties(img, ['system:time_start']);

// Time series at the identified points

// "Please help here in this point"

The export result looks like the attached picture.][1]

  • what do you mean by Export? To me, the expected result is not clear Jan 16, 2021 at 3:16
  • 1
    Yes. I want to export. Many thanks for your response. Jan 16, 2021 at 5:19

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You can use Export.table function, where as this export can be done to Google Drive with the use of the code Export.table.toDrive() in detail Export.table.toDrive(collection, description, folder, fileNamePrefix, fileFormat, selectors)

Ex -

Export.table.toDrive({collection: features,description:'vectorsToDriveExample', fileFormat: 'KML'});

Details of the code


do export the table to Assets folder with Export.table.toAsset()

Asset Folder


before all these you have to create a variable (table/list/array/dictionary) containing the data to export which I am not finding with in your code.

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