I only have basic GIS skills and wanted some advice or direction.

I'm only practising with a smaller dataset at the moment though my other files are much larger 10,000+ so don't know if it's possible or if I would have to separate the data by years.

Essentially I have a CSV file with the names of ancestors name, birth year, birth location, mother, father, and the coordinates of the birth location.

I wanted to create a time series / animation of their chronological birth order. I've got them in a basic map at the moment on QGIS as that is all I have access to (I don't know if that makes a difference) and span across America and Europe.

I had a look at TIME MANAGER but that seems outdated (I couldn't install it) and read that the plugin temporal profile may be good for this, however I need to convert my CSV file to a raster I believe, but I cannot understand how the rasterize would work on my CSV file because it requires output extent (I don't understand what this is) I had a look at my file and it states 0,0,0,0.

Am I going about this the right way or am I completely off track. Also I've seen people do this on YouTube with time manager but with times, can I do this just with years?

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    1) You question needs more focus 2) You don't need a raster for Temporal controller, works perfect with vectors (points) 3) If you have only a year, you could convert (create a field) in datetime format an assign an arbitrary date, say 1st of Jan. or 30st of June of each year. 4) Whatch out for qgis temporal controller, there are quite some tutorials out there - a nice one is this here: youtu.be/vgDg5cRwPRw – Babel Jan 15 at 16:09
  • oh okay I will have a look at that next, thank you – Elle Jan 15 at 16:15