I'd like to convert the big red area to a smaller one (blue) by shifting their borders parallelly by a certain distance to inner direction. This is not equivalent to scale as the result shape will look different.

Do you know an existing out-of-the-box function for contract? I tried to find one e.g. on turf but I did not manage to.


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    That's a buffer with a negative value. Sorry, no time for a proper answer right now, could you do that? – bugmenot123 Jan 20 at 7:46
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    See turfjs.org/docs/#buffer, negative values are allowed. – J. Monticolo Jan 20 at 9:12

Awesome guys, thanks for the answers. Buffer works like a charm:

import buffer from '@turf/buffer'
import { polygon } from '@turf/helpers'


buffer(polygon([[[lng1, lat1], [lng2, lat2], ... ]]), -3, { units: 'kilometers' })

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