I am trying to run the expression below in Google Earth Engine to calculate Index-base Built-up Index(IBI)

var ibi = l8compositeMasked.expression(

Map.addLayer(ibi, {min:-1, max:1}, 'ibi', false); 

but I keep getting the error below.

Layer shown property is not a boolean: ee.Image({
  "type": "Invocation",
  "arguments": {

Below is the link to the script https://code.earthengine.google.com/bdb6397411fe912861900cba04bb9172

How can I resolve this?

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The problem is in the last line of your script, not the line you have shown.

Map.addLayer(ibi,{min:-1 , max:1},'UI', ibi)

Here the fourth argument should be a boolean but is the image ibi.


Your last parameter in the Map.addLayer cal is the image again, not a name. This line:

Map.addLayer(ibi,{min:-1 , max:1},'UI', ibi)

should be:

Map.addLayer(ibi,{min:-1 , max:1},'UI', 'ibi')

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