I have an attribute table in my layout, defined as follow :

layout = QgsPrintLayout(project)

pdf = QgsProject.instance().mapLayersByName('plan_de_ferme')[0]
pdf_table = QgsLayoutItemAttributeTable.create(layout)
pdf_fields = ['champ','sup','supepnd']
pdf_table.setDisplayedFields(pdf_fields, True)

I would like to rename the fields name displayed in the layout without changing the fields name in the layer.

I tried :

pdf_headers = ['Champ','Superficie (ha)','Superficie épandable (ha)']

Like it's the way to do with a QgsLayoutItemTextTable, but it's not working because "AttributeError: 'QgsLayoutItemAttributeTable' object has no attribute 'setHeading'".


You can use the code snippet below:

pdf_headers = ['Champ','Superficie (ha)','Superficie épandable (ha)']

#retrieve layout table columns
cols = pdf_table.columns()

#construct a new list containing cloned QgsLayoutTableColumn objects
new_cols = [col.clone() for col in cols]

#iterate the cloned columns and use setHeading() method to set each
#column's header cell contents to the corresponding item from pdf_headers
for i, cloned_col in enumerate(new_cols):
#set pdf_table columns from the list of cloned and modified
#column objects with new heading contents

#refresh layout

I tested this code and obtained the following results.

Layout table before:

enter image description here

Layout table after:

enter image description here

While column names in layer remain unchanged:

enter image description here


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